Mann.Fr provides consulting in organization and digital. We, Chris Mann and specialized partners:

  • help align value-added with human values and
  • help make digital the ally of individuals rather than the master of the organizations.

We do this through a variety of services that include: providing forums of open discussion such as;

providing project management office services, particularly with regard to computer projects;

providing CSR services, notably by addressing the digital divide with;

computer programming, notably in the web with Javascript, PHP, Python, and Ruby as visible on;

capacity planning, notably allowing for accurate prediction of resource consumption and roll-out dates;

providing psychosocial hazards, notably in addressing wellbeing also with regard to digital;

providing project management support;

providing project management method consulting (Agile, PMBOK);

introducing French digital products to the American market;

innovating with new digital products;

animating serious games with diverse participants, and;

setting up social intranets, like the internet journal

We mainly address all SMEs and NGOs who use digital. 

Chris Mann – 7 81 811 811